Ronda Rousey Broke Her Hand On Alexis Davis face!

It was certainly quick, just 16 seconds to be exact, but it was far from a pain free victory.Rousey needed 10 stitches to close a cyst that burst on her knuckle after drilling Davis endlessly. She revealed in her post-fight interview, that she requires minor knee surgery which would not stop her from fighting. That’s more than likely the major reason company president Dana White snapped on Joe Rogan when he quizzed Rousey in-ring about making an absurdly quick turnaround to fight an unnamed opponent in just three weeks.


The “guy in the production truck” — not Rogan — had jumped the gun, putting her in an awkward spot before White and Co. could perform their makeshift post-fight due diligence. Rousey was never officially approached by UFC officials about the possibility, despite her willingness to fight on 24 hours notice. As it stands now, UFC 176 has been postponed, Rousey is out indefinitely.

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