Ronda Rousey Wins! – UFC 168

Ronda Rousey Goes The Distance & Still Arm-Bars Miesha Tate

UFC 168  Rousey VS Tate tapout


Ronda Rousey has proven she can go more than a few minutes in a fight.  “I have no excuses,” said Tate, who lost her Strikeforce title to Rousey in 2012 and coached against her on The Ultimate Fighter 18. “She was the better fighter tonight.” Rousey had to dig deep to get the win though, fighting off Tate who had pushed and  pushed Ronda to the point of being exhausted.

After a wild exchange to open the bout, Miesha fell into Ronda’s clinch and was thrown around, round after round. Moments later, the bout strayed to the mat, and Tate went for a triangle choke, only to be denied. A subsequent scramble saw Tate get her own takedown, but then Rousey went to work from the bottom as she tried to lock in her own triangle choke, all the while firing punches at her rival. Just before the two minute mark, Tate escaped, and as the two stood, Tate landed several hard shots to the face until Rousey got close and tossed Tate to the mat. Rousey looked for her trademark arm-bar, but Tate got loose and stood, only to get tossed to the canvas once again. After a brief stalemate, the two rose again, with Rousey locking Tate up against the fence until the bell – the first time Rousey had ever been a full round in her career.

Tate smiled at Rousey before the start of round two, aware that her opponent was entering foreign territory, and her confidence was evident as she landed up-kicks on Rousey early on. Another thunderous toss put Rousey back in control, but Tate escaped once again. Rousey put Tate back down immediately, and even with the crowd chanting “Miesha, Miesha,” Rousey was able to nullify Tate’s attacks, slowing things down to a manageable pace before yet another throw. This entire fight turned into a mad scramble of women bending and flexing in, around, on and under each other, it was almost dissing!

After Rousey fell back on her default submission move, an arm-bar, she sunk it in after a mad scramble and it was all over again! Tate immediately extended her hand to Rousey following the finish, but the champion turned away, making it clear that this rivalry had not ended! The crowd shouted “BOOOOOOOO” longer and louder than anyone has ever received in the UFC! Bad sportsmanship Ronda!


Fans are starting to realize what kind of person Ronda Rousey really is………..!



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UFC 168  Rousey VS Tate


  1. Congrats Ronda! What a great fight and win!!!! I support you 100% in your family first attitude. It was the best fight of the night!

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